Vastushastra For HOME




Vastu For Entrance

How energy field effect and given lives of the people who have come to recruit in buildings after it has been constructed end how we should deal with those energy fields. Depending on the location of the door entrance in a building, the whole effect of the building changes. Location of door governs and control the entire effect of building. This is as amazing as it is important.

The zone in which the main entrance of our building is located, plays a very important role in the lives of these inhabitants, be it a rental accommodation or own property. The location of the entrance has an independent effect, which influence the total effect of the build-up space with its own bounds.


Vastu For Bedroom

A bedroom in every house is a place where one relax physically as well as mental. Obviously it should be located in that zone which is conductive for relaxation and mental peace.

Vastu prescribes different zones for bedroom four different member in a family. But, whatever the zone, people should always sleep with their head pointing either South or West.

People who wish to earn a lot of money should sleep with their head in the South and student, specially a young, should sleep with their head in East.

Bedroom in North East zone is a strict NO, as it just disturbs the mind and makes one editable and irritating. There is a gradual loss of memory. In many cases, people have been found to be suffering from dementia. Bedroom in this zone cannot be remedied of its ills. So it has to be abandoned.



Our drawing room in any house is the place where visitors, particularly, dose not very close to the family, are entertained. Obviously, the location of the drawing room greatly influence not only the social relations of a person, but also his business relations. The effect of location of drawing room in a different vastu zones are different.


Vastu For Kitchen

Kitchen is a term that refers to collective activity which provide nourishment to all the members of the family. It is fire’s activity. The essential meaning of the kitchen can be understood to be symbolized and contained by the ‘burner’ which denotes fire element. So, naturally as per different qualities of zones, we experience different effects of kitchen when placed in a different vastu zone.

The kitchen is an important place in any house and the most important room for woman. The activity in the kitchen help to serve the family with the best and healthy food.

According Vastu, the location of the kitchen in the building is the secret factor that decides the taste and flavor of the food. For example, when the kitchen is located in the northern segment of the house, you will experience sweetness in the food cook there. When it is placed in the East, the national flavor of the food is enhanced. Cooking in the South zone make this food spicy and easily digestible. It increase your craving to eat more. Similarly, in the West, the food becomes crispy and salty . You wish to enjoy the delights of it taste and flavor respectively.


Vastu For Dining ROOM

Dining Hall means a place where you receive food, eat it and enjoy it . So its location should be such that it should facilitate digestion of food and enable people enjoy their meals. A dining place also symbolizes fulfillment of your desires, achievements, and feedback for improvements.

Therefore, the ideal zone for dining area are West, North, East, South, South-South-East and North-North-East. Placing a dining table in this zones give positive effects as per nature of this zones.


Vastu For Study Room

The most suitable direction depends upon the subject being studied . For example, to achieve proficiency in mathematics and science, the student should study facing West. If one studies facing the South, here develops good debating skill , logical ability and sharp business acumen. For create or religious kind of work, one should study facing East.

These days, the common complaint of most parent is that children do not pay much attention to studies. For such students, the study table should be in the middle of the South-West and West zone West-South-West zone. If this arrangement is not possible then the alternative zone of the study table are northeast, southeast and South. If the children do not concentrate of theirs books and are frequently distracted, they should study facing West.


Vastu For Toilets

The location and position of toilets hold great important, as toilets reduce the strength of the zone if incorrectly located.

Toilets may be best understood as a place of disposal. Keeping this in mind, remember that they, therefore effectively flush out the effects of the zone in which they are located except the zone of disposal itself. Thus, zonal strength can be drastically reduced and harmfully impacted.

For instance, one may be experience loss of income, or inability to save money; Lack of career opportunity, or little to no gain on efforts that one may have put towards somethings (career, business, or personal life).

In a new construction you can easily relocated the ideal position of the toilet, but for the existing building structures, you need to apply remedies , accordingly.

The location of theToilet in North-East zone cause a major health problems like memory loss, paralysis and neurological problems video know the symptoms vary with age, but the owner is definitely prone to sickness.


Vastu For Storeroom

Do not think that storeroom is less important than other rooms in the house. The purpose of the storeroom is to accumulate various household articles likely to be used in the future. Anything that is not being used presently is normally kept in the store. It represent earth element. Accordingly, it can produce different emotions when placed in a different Vastu zone.

If the stores in the northeast zone, the zone of clarity and should always be clean of anti elements. A store in this zone can lead to blockage of mind, dilemmas, indecisiveness, thus affecting the personality of the inhabitants adversely and virtually and therefore should be avoided.


Vastu For Servant ROOM

Faithfulness and loyalty from your domestic help are influenced by the location of this room in the house. Commonly, people employ a domestic help permanently and provide them with accommodation that is normally located inside or outside the terrace of their house. Ideally the location of servant room should be such as awaken loyalty and honesty in him or her. When please in a different Vastu zone servant room produce different effects.

Septic Tank

Vastu For Septic Tank

The location and position of septic tank holds great importance, as septic tank reduce the strength of the zone in if incorrectly located.

Septic tanks may be best understood as a place of disposal. Keeping this in mind remember that they effectively flush out the effect of the zone in which they are located. Thus, zonal strength can be drastically reduce and harmfully impacted. The effect of septic tank in a various zone are different.



Television is simply a modern entertainment. In a house it is used as a medium of entertainment, refreshment, to release stress, and to gain knowledge in a different spheres of life like health, food, society, world, religious, science and child education. As per vastu television can be understood as a device which widens the vision. Accordingly, it creates a different effects when placed in a different vastu zones.


Washing Machine

Location of an object in a building should be decide according to its functioning and it purpose. A washing machine is mean to wash. The activity taking place is in a washing machine is related to the zone of anxiety and analysis, namely, East-South-East vastu zone. It generates different effect when place in each vastu zone.



The purpose of an inverter or generator is to provide backup support in case of electricity failure. So, they are related to last two zone of backup support like northwest. From elemental perspective, Anne inverter is related with fire element while our generator is associated with air and fire elements. Accordingly, their placement produce different effect when please in a different vastu zone.



Our heater is an electrical appliance normally use during winter season 2 get rid of cold. It makes use of electrical energy to generate heat, Thereby rising the room temperature. So, it related to the fire element and effects accordingly when placed in each of vaastu zones.

A heater place in North East zone will devoid the residence of their Peace of Mind . It lead to confusions, obscurity in thoughts, inability to plan future, and support tempered behavior. Residence tend to reach quick conclusions without giving due consideration and thought to an aspect. This tendency, later on, become a cause for their agony.